Officers and Chairs

Executive Council



Gigi Camarena 801.755.5449

Vice-President of Activities

Diane Johnstone 435.901.0763

Vice-President of Communications

Jeremy Rosenberger 801.819.5919


Zana Anderson 801.309.1905


Ed Mineau

Past President

Rich Sanders 801.231.0400

Committee Chairs

Autocross Richard Aupperle 801.647.1315
Diane Johnstone 435.901.0763

Club Racing Ed Mineau

Driver Education Tim Martin
Greg Troester


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Membership Rich Sanders 801.231.0400

Rules & Safety Gigi Camarena 801.755.5449

Socials Loretta Bogaard 801.712.9212
Shari Troester 801.201.8222

Tours Zana Anderson 801.309.1905

Webmasters Raleigh Fehr
Debbie Roque

Zeitung Editor Jeremy Rosenberger 801.819.5919

E-mail the Executive Council at, or the entire Board (EC plus committee chairs) at