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If last month’s Cars and Coffee at Coatic Automotive Labs might be considered the “skin care” event (if you think of your car in human terms), then this month’s event will be more like “brain surgery”.
Please plan to join us on Saturday February 17th at Adrenaline Service and Dyno Tune. Owned by club member Jared Scoggan, ‘Adrenaline’ uses a dynamometer to measure horsepower and torque output of your Porsche. Connected to live computer monitoring through your car’s “brain”, they can then tune your car for different stages of performance that you might be looking for. We all know that our Porsche’s come out of the factory with a WOW factor that few other cars can match. But for some among us, we are looking for that something extra. And that MIGHT be YOU!
During the Cars and Coffee, our host will be demonstrating a live measurement and tune on a customer’s 911GT2RS. That should be MOST interesting to watch!
The shop is not huge, and live viewing inside the garage may be limited to about 30 people at a time. But the parking lot, where we’ll have coffee and sweets, is large so that we can cycle through the shop if the group is too large. So bring your warm weather gear if it is cold.
As part of the event, Jared is making a special offer to IRPCA members, only available during the event. If you sign up at and pay at the event you can schedule your Porsche for a several dyno pulls (just to find out the true output of your car as it is today) ,or for a special ‘tune”. You don’t need to have your car with you at the time of the Cars and Coffee. Appointments can be scheduled during the event.
Special offer pricing is as follows:
-3 dyno pulls with no tuning - $100
911- 992 & 991. $1200
911- 997 and 996. $1000 (no air-cooled)
Cayman / Boxster. $900
Cayenne / Macan/ Panamera. $750
This pricing is approximately 60% off for the tunes and 50% off for the dyno time, and is exclusive to IRPCA. If you have questions for Jared and his team prior to the Cars and Coffee, feel free to contact them at 801-905-1355.
We hope you can join us for this educational and fun event.


Feb 17 2024


9:30 am


Adrenaline Dyno
570 W FINE Dr Ste B, Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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