PCA Club Race / HPDE - Sponsored by Porsche Salt Lake City

(Friday through Sunday) This is a three-day combined PCA Club Race, as well as an HPDE event.

So mark your calendar AND register now for Friday June 10th (Outer/Full track), Saturday June 11th (Full track), and Sunday June 12th (Outer track)

Here's is the registration link for HPDE --> https://msreg.com/IRPCA2022-HPDE-2  

)r click this registration link for club race --> irpca.org/pca-club-race-june2022

IMPORTANT NOTICE- Effective, January 1, 2022, all DE drivers must have helmets with the Snell certification of either SA2015 or SA2020. Please check your existing helmets to ensure they have the SA2015 or SA2020 label.

This is a two-day High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) event. All members are invited to sign up. Drivers who are new to HPDE, will be provided with in-car instruction pending certain health and safety conditions to be determined closer to the event dates. Additional information to help you prepare for a track day, can be found through the registration link above, without actually signing up. There's lots of information there to help you. And to answer one of the most common first timer questions- YES, rental helmets will be available.

So if you need that day off from the office on a Friday, get your notice in now!  We hope to see you at the track!



Jun 10 - 12 2022


All Day


Utah Motorsports Campus
512 South Sheep Lane, Grantsville, UT 84074


Max Dufford

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