James Woods - Candidate for President.

James’ love affair of the Porsche dates back to 1978 when he was six. His father had just purchased a brand-new black on black 930. His weekly chore was to wash and wax it, and repeatedly noticed lipstick marks on it, and decided that he needed one when he was able to drive. Unfortunately, his father sold it the day he got his learners permit. Never forgave his father for this life’s indiscretion. He was reacquainted with the PCA when he was attending Salt Lake Community College Automotive Program, as the President of their Race Club. Volunteering as a member of the “grid crew,” he knew that his Cayenne Turbo S was not going to cut it on the track. He purchased a 2004 Carrera 4S Cabriolet, and started to attend autocross events, and various other PCA events. Last year he served the IRPCA as the Vice-President of Activities and Volunteer Coordinator. He would be honored to serve the IRPCA as the President.

Bill Kendall - Candidate for President

It’s hard for Bill Kendall to pinpoint exactly when he became a Porsche guy. On the bookshelf in his office sits a 43-year-old Matchbox model 911, his first memory of connecting with the make—not exactly a common sighting at the time in his native Cincinnati.

Though he was a lifelong fan of Porsche, it was Intermountain Region Porsche Club’s inaugural track day at Miller Motorsports Park in 2006 that connected him both with the club (he’s been a member ever since) and racing, a hobby turned long term passion. In the last 13 years, Kendall has progressed through the HPDE ranks, earned his competition race license and currently races a 1986 Porsche 944 in SP1.

Kendall currently serves the club as a nationally certified HPDE instructor and track committee member. His drives to and from the track and other PCA events in his Porsche Cayenne S, but he still misses his 1996 911 C4S.

While track events are his passion, it’s the people that keep Kendall coming back to Porsche Club events. He loves the camaraderie of people from all walks of life sharing in one common interest, and he appreciates the variety of events for all levels of interest from members. He enjoys spending time with club members at rallies, tours, socials and Cars & Coffee and he is looking forward to honing his car control skills by participating in autocross events.

By day Kendall is a Third District Court Judge for the State of Utah, and it is his reasoned approach and cool demeanor that he thinks best suits him for the work ahead as your IRPCA President.

Darrell Godfrey - Candidate for Vice-President of Activities.

Darrell is a dedicated volunteer to IRPCA. He was the founding President of Salt Lake Community College Automotive & Racing Crew, SARC for two years which supplies IRPCA with a base of volunteers for Driver Education Days and Track Days. He additionally became the President of SkillsUSA Salt Lake Community College chapter for one year. During his second Associates in Diesel Systems Technology, after earning his Associates in Automotive Systems Technology, he was elected as the Vice President of Clubs and Organizations at Salt Lake Community College. He served over all the student clubs and organizations for a year term. Darrell completed his time at Salt Lake Community College as the 2019 Graduate of Excellence for the School of Applied Technology and Technical Specialties. He is currently sitting as the Cultural Club’s Chair under the Clubs and Organizations at Weber State University.

Rob Hiatt – Candidate for Vice-President of Activities.

Rob began his official PCA Membership as an active Intermountain Region Member on 05/31/2010.  Rob’s passion for all things “Porsche,” began as a young “Airforce Brat” born in Japan; then living in England and Germany.    Living in the homeland of Porsche caused the car posters and model cars to become a must have.

Later, after College, The Marine Corps, and Law School, More Marine Corps; civilian
law practice; Actual Ownership of working usable models set in and became the

Rob, has had the opportunity to be the steward of Porsche: 944, 930, 996 GT3, multiple 928’s, 996’s and 996 twin turbo S Model, even a Rainforest Green Cayenne S that he still blames Rich Sanders for convincing Rob to “just get one too”.

Rob has participated in All but one of the Amazing Rallies; is an avid HPDE participant with multiple Porsche Model types; participated in Tours, socials, and two Porsche Parades.

No Autocross experience yet, but that is a goal for this next year.

Now that Rob has given up that lawyer thing, is living full time hear in Utah, where he
works full time at a local Porsche repair facility performing HR department duties along with technical repairs. Rob has the time to now step-up and volunteer to help give back to the club for the great shared Porsche experiences that have been provided to him over the years.