The Intermountain Region (IRPCA) is a geographical region of the Porsche Club of America (PCA), an organization of over 100,000 Porsche enthusiasts. IRPCA encompasses the state of Utah as well as parts of southern Idaho and Wyoming, and is part of an even broader geographic region known as Zone 9.  After the formation of PCA in 1955, the young club of Porsche enthusiasts found more and more demand for club charters from around the country. The Rocky Mountain Region became the 11th chartered PCA Region in July of 1958. At the time Rocky Mountain extended all the way from Mexico to Canada along the spine of the Rocky Mountains from as far east as Kansas and as far west as Nevada. Only a couple years later, the Intermountain Region split off from Rocky Mountain and was chartered as PCA's 35th Region in October of 1960.