If your vehicle is... and is... Your class is
not a Porsche (including Porsche vehicles with non-Porsche drivetrains and Porsche-powered vehicles of a different marque) not a truck/SUV unclassed (X)
a truck/SUV not permitted
equipped with tires rated "R" or treadwear 130 or less, or significantly modified/prepared classed as P1 or P2 below I1
classed as P3 or P4 below I2
a substantially "stock" Porsche vehicle equipped with street tires as indicated below
If your Porsche model is... and submodel... and model year... Your class is
356 P1
911 base, Carrera, C2, C4 1965-1983 P1
1984-1994 P2
1995-2011 P3
2012- P4
Carrera S, 4S 1995-1998 P3
1999- P4
Turbo (S), GTS, GT2, GT3 (RS) 1976-1994 P3
1995- P4
912 P1
914 -4 P1
-6 P2
918 P4
924 P1
928 P2
944 base P1
S, S2, S3, Turbo P2
968 P2
Boxster, Cayman base 1997-2004 P2
2005-2016 P3
2017- P4
S, GTS, GT4, R, Spyder 2000-2004 P3
2005- P4
Carrera GT P4
Cayenne P1
Macan P2
Panamera P2
If you identify as... Use class suffix
female L
male M
other L or M

Notes on Classes
No trucks or non-Porsche SUVs are permitted at IRPCA autocross events. If a vehicle is deemed too "high profile" (i.e. top heavy), we reserve the right to eliminate the vehicle from further runs and entry.

Definition of Improved
Improved, for IRPCA Autocross purposes, includes; massive changes in weight, suspension from a later vehicle (i.e. coilovers on an early 911).

Definition of Modified
Modified, for IRPCA Autocross purposes, includes; Cars that are prepared for POC or PCA Club racing, Cars prepared for other racing series, and all cars not licensed for street use.

Definition of "R" tires
R rated tires, for IRPCA Autocross purposes, includes; Any DOT tire that has a wear rating of 130 or less. Any Non DOT tire will be classed as an "R" tire.

All cars with engine transplants will be considered as the year, make, and model of the engine.

Classification is the responsibility of all drivers. If there are disputes as to the class of a car, the final decision will be made by the Autocross Chair, the Safety Chair, and the Region President.

A car will go through a tech inspection and be classified at the first event that car is run. If any equipment changes to the car are made after that point, it is the duty of the driver to have the car "re-classed," or risk losing any accumulated points after the changes are made. A driver must attend, and drive in, 4 events to be eligible for season points. After the 4th event, standings for all classes will be available on the IRPCA website. Everyone that gains points for the season is eligible for year in awards. For any driver that changes class during the season, 1 point will be transferred to the new class for each prior event that was attended that season. Full points will not transfer to the new class (e.g. Billy Bob has 24 points in P2 class, but does modifications to his car after the fourth event that bump him to P3 class. He would now have 4 points in P3 class, not 24).