Autocross consists of navigating your car as quickly as possible through a course made of cones. It’s a great way for any licensed driver to improve skills in his or her weekend sports car or everyday street car. We provide coaches to new autocross drivers who will ride with you and provide pointers. For safety reasons, there is only ever one car on the course at a time, and the course is designed to keep speeds relatively low. Each of your runs will be timed, so that you can evaluate how much improvement you make on successive runs throughout the day. Come on out and give it a try. You will be AMAZED at how much progress you will make in one day! Without exception, people who autocross comment about how their autocross experience has improved confidence and ability with everyday driving on the street.

Volunteers are always needed to help set up the course, which is unique for every autocross event. Volunteers meet at 7:30 AM, so arrive early if you can.  Registrations is only online and closes 12pm the days before. First cars will run no later than 10 AM, following a drivers’ safety meeting. The day’s schedule depends on the number of entries, but we usually take a quick lunch break around noon, and wrap up by 3:30 PM.

This event is open to PCA members and friends, so put the word out to enthusiast friends and licensed drivers who would like to come and learn to autocross, or to get some more practice in.

We can accept up to 4 rookies who need to run with an instructor.

A helmet carrying a 2015 (or newer) Snell “M” or “SA” rating is required, although we have loaners available. The entry fee is $30 for paid-up PCA members, and $40 for all others.

Come on out and give autocross a try! The social environment is low-key, and the level of intensity you bring to the driving is completely up to you.