Join us on a nearby adventure.  Tours offer a chance to get out and drive the scenic roads less traveled along with fellow Porsche enthusiasts. We try and associate each tour with some socializing as well, giving everyone a chance to admire and talk about each others ride. Some are day trips with a stop for lunch, while others are multi-day trips with overnight stops. Stops are made for cultural events and to photograph our cars at scenic points. We seldom have “single point” restaurants or hotels you must stay in, although a “Tour Central” hotel and/or restaurant will be designated to provide a gathering place. There is no charge for tours, and you are welcome to join or leave a Tour in progress whenever you wish. These trips are a great excuse to get out and drive those scenic roads that we never seem to find time to enjoy. These well planned trips all begin with handouts that clearly show turn by turn instructions with the accompanying mileage and map illustrations to ensure that nobody gets lost.
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