Time Trials

This event will include Time Trials for an additional fee:
TT Entry Fee  -  $25 (in addition to standard entry fee)
Transponder Rental Fee  -  $35/day

General TT Rules & Info

  1. The tech for the DE covers the TT. No other special safety equipment is required
    though additional safety items are encouraged.
  2. TT driver’s meeting attendance is mandatory to participate.
  3. Passing will not be allowed during the timed runs. If the car ahead of you is impeding your timed run, you may petition the tower for a re-run - though it will likely be obvious to the tower if that occurs, as only 3-4 cars will be out on track at one time for the official timed runs
  4. All makes are eligible, not just Porsche.
  5. Grid will be set from your practice run times (normal DE sessions). These runs will not
    count toward your “official time” in the TT session and the impedance/passing rules will not apply during these sessions.
  6. All DE rules must be followed prior to the beginning of the Time Trial.
  7. Re-runs will NOT be granted for mechanical failure of that entrant’s car, nor for an off-track excursion or spin.
  8. Re-runs will not be granted for any run in which the driver earns a DNF (Did Not
    Finish); a driver cannot erase a DNF by means of a re-run. Timing failure will not be
    cause for a re-run if the driver earns a DNF.


Specifics, such as the daily schedule will be made available prior to the event and additional rules/procedures will be covered in the TT Driver's Meeting.

If you have questions regarding Time Trials, please contact the TT Director, Max Dufford, at de@irpca.org