2018 April HPDE & Time Trial Wrap-Up

A busier-than-usual April made for lots of track time and driving space for those who joined us last month - just shy of 50 drivers made the day and it was smiles all-around! Cool temperatures and clear skies were the theme of the day, though Makes & Models provided additional garage space for those who needed a drink, some shade, and wanted to check out some new and classic Porsches in the Grand Prix garages. Thanks for joining us, MM team!

Time Trials saw a 14 drivers, which made for a nicely-sized grid at the end of the day! Drivers were challenged by having to turn their fastest lap of the day in just two “hot laps”. Walking through the hot pits as drivers exited, I heard a lot of great things: drivers loved the challenge, thought the open track space was excellent for concentration, and overall are glad that we brought it back. One opportunity that presents itself for June is to extend Time Trials to three hot laps. Those who were running sticky tires *cough, cough - Toby and Brendon* found that only one out-lap and two hot laps were not quite enough to get their tires up to temperature - expect that to change in June!

Speaking of Time Trials - the results are in! We had a large range of times, with Makes & Models wheelmen Brendon and Toby duking it out for 1st, only a half-second apart, while Todd England took 3rd, turning a 1:43.9. Check out the full results here.
Todd was also the lucky winner ot the event’s Apex Pro Digital Track Coach device, donated by Greg Troester’s website, Trackside Innovation. Way to go, Todd!

Last, but not least - photography! James Boley and his son took to the paddock and the track to get photos of you, our drivers! Photos will be available for $20 - which gains you access to the entire event’s photo selection. Please support Team Boley by purchasing access! We expect photos to be ready in ~2 weeks from now - they took over 1,000 photos, so it’s a lot to sort through!

Check out photos from last September’s club race to see what James can do with the limitations of the paddock: http://irpca.org/2017-september-club-race-hpde
Stay tuned- we will email all participants when these are ready to go and get you a link to purchase access.

Thanks again for joining us - mark your calendars for the final two events of the year: June 22-23rd and September 21-22nd (note - September is likely to change to the 14-16th and be the Full Track or Outer Loop. When we know for sure, you’ll be notified!)

See you at the track,


4 thoughts on “2018 April HPDE & Time Trial Wrap-Up

  1. Loretta Bogaard says:

    Great write up. Thanks for all you do for the DE program. You are AWESOME in this role!!!!!!
    Loretta & Jeff

  2. Donz says:

    Agreed. Nice write up Greg!

  3. Greg Troester says:

    Loretta, Jeff, Don - thanks all for the support! We have a great team to make things go so well and I had a good teacher on the operations side.

  4. Great write up, appropriate for a great event!!! We're going to repost this on our social media! Thanks again and we are happy to support a great organization filled with great people! We will definitely be purchasing the photos too!

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