Cars & Coffee - Motorsports Edition! Recap and Handout Packet


Hey there, track friends - in case you missed out on today's C&C, we've posted our handout packet on our site!

It was a blowout event with about 50 people in attendance!  We covered everything from how to start Autocrossing, what it takes to start driving on the race track, and even how to get to become a license Club Racer.  Not to mention, the food at The Porcupine Pub & Grille was exceptional - thanks Bryan for your support of the club!

Click here to download our presentation or scroll on down!

See you at the track,

IRPCA C&C MSE 2018 v3

2 thoughts on “Cars & Coffee - Motorsports Edition! Recap and Handout Packet

  1. Dennis L Manning says:

    I really wanted to attend the Porky event but couldn't make it. It would be nice if you could post the cost of the events. This goes for all club event announcements with fees. Not all of us are "cost no object" members. Thanks, and keep up all the great work Volunteers!

    1. Greg Troester says:

      Thanks for the feedback Dennis! Sorry you couldn't make it to the event.
      We don't assume that anyone is "cost no object" and have kept the pricing information in the event registration service ( to make sure that we do not advertise old/inaccurate pricing.

      We've gotten a couple of questions about this, lately, so will add it back in for the upcoming April event - which is $275 for the day. You can add on Time Trial for $25 and rent timing transponders (req'd to drive TT) for an additional $35.

      Hope to see you there!

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