2017 Track Schedule Released!


Track Friends,

We are excited to offer three unique opportunities to get on track this year!  Look for updates when registration is open - both our 1st and 2nd events will be opening for registration at the same time, due to the fast turnaround between events.  Check out the details below - we will share what we know, when we know it.  It's going to be a great year and we're looking forward to seeing old friends and new faces at the track!

- Greg

New This Year

  • M2005 and SA2005 helmets are now expired for PCA track use!  Make sure you get your M2010 or SA2010 (2015) helmets on order or out of storage!
  • For April and June ONLY - we will be accepting a single vehicle inspection form!  Due to the fast turnaround between events and to ease driver participation, we are allowing re-use of Vehicle Inspection Forms forms between theses two events
    • Remember, though: you should still check your car for the usual consumables (brakes, tires) as well as general wear, tear, and maintenance!
  • All HPDE resources will now be hosted at our newly redesigned site (www.irpca.org) - no more chasing email threads to get what you need! Click here to find great resources like:
    • Track Maps & Video Walkthroughs
    • Tech Forms
    • List of Approved Shops
    • More things to come!

April 29th - UMC East Track

Run in our traditional Track Day format, we will be running all levels of driver, our classroom sessions, and plenty of track time!


June 2nd - 4th - UMC West & Outer Loop
In partnership with Pirelli World Challenge!

An exciting combination of events!  We will be running with Pirelli World Challenge, which features an excellent array of high-end Professional Racing Cars like the Cayman GT4 Clubsport & 991 Cup Cars!

PWC will be running in their own group, with races on Saturday and Sunday.

Details are pending, but we will be running the West course for part of the weekend, progressing to run the Outer Loop.

Run groups will be combined (TBD) in order to give full track time to all drivers.  Instructors will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, as usual.


September 15th - 17th - UMC Full Track
In partnership with PCA Club Racing

As usual, we will be running the full, 23-turn, 4.5 mile course this September!  We're excited to have
some new racers likely joining the ranks this year, as well as a return of drivers from many parts of the Rocky Mountain Region, California, and beyond!

Races will be held on Saturday and Sunday, along with a 1-hour Endurance Race.

Calling all Instructors!

Tim will be reaching out to you in the coming weeks - be marking your calendars and checking inboxes!

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