2018 HPDE, Race Schedule Posted & Time Trial is back!

Hey there, track friends!

In case you're not on the mailing list, we've posted the 2018 track schedule and have details here.

We hope to see you all come out to drive, particularly if you haven't tried Time Trial before!  It is an absolute blast and really makes the driver step up their game - driving at the limit, but without screwing up, in order to lay down that "flyer" of a lap is totally different from the steady consistency that one uses for a 20+ minute DE session.  Look for an upcoming post with info on how we run the TT portion of the track day.

Below, you'll see the posted schedule, but before you check it out... You'll notice some key changes: We are running the PCA Club Race separately from HPDE days this year, so as a consequence, no full/outer track for HPDE this year.  Bummer, we know!  There is a good reason for this.

Last year, we were fortunate enough to secure the right track weekend and partner with Pirelli Cup to work around our schedule.  This year, it was the other way around - that's just how the cookie crumbled.  Club race timing was also a factor - typically, combining the annual race with a HPDE weekend - this helps split costs and consolidate efforts across the club.We all love driving on the connected track, but because of how we had to make things happen this year, the club just could not afford to run a more robust HPDE schedule this year.

Here's the silver lining: because of this, costs did not have to increase for our drivers and we are continuing to offer instructors to any/all who want them.  We feel strongly that the best part of IRPCA days is the quality of time and instruction that we give.  We won't sacrifice quality for quantity, because that is what brings us back.  You may have noticed that other clubs, both locally and across the nation, have had to alter schedules, raise pricing, or go for packaged track days.  These are all tools that clubs can use to make the schedules and financials work.  Let me tell you - we all strive to break-even when running track days.  A lot of times, we lose money at the race track (sound familiar??).  We know this going into it (and are happy doing it!) but sometimes we do have to pull back a touch and make sure that the club can live to drive another day.  Don't worry - IRPCA is healthy and growing - and we're going to keep doing everything that we can to keep it that way.

So there it is - we're working hard to make the best of this season and will be continually looking at how we can put 3-day, full/outer track days together in the future!  As always, we appreciate your support, whether you drive, volunteer, instruct, or spectate.   I've received some feedback, but I want to hear more - please email me with your thoughts: de@irpca.org

Until next time, hope your track-machine is sleeping warmly in a garage, primed and ready for a new season of pushing the limit!

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