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Hello, and welcome to the new and improved IRPCA website. Our plans are to make this a continuing work in progress, and with that in mind we welcome any comments, criticisms, and suggestions you may have. The new site was created to be mobile friendly, so give it a try on your cell phone as well. We hope to be writing up a Q&A / user guide to be published in the Zeitung shortly. Until then, enjoy.

3 thoughts on “New and Improved Website

  1. Jay Burr says:

    I just moved to Utah from Nebraska. I've been involved with PCA for approximately 25 years. And involved in a club racing and DE for about 20 years. I'd like to join the local club. I had two race cars that I sold to make the move.

  2. Raleigh Fehr says:

    Welcome to Utah, and Intermountain Region PCA. As far as joining, just re-up for PCA membership and change your region affiliation to Intermountain. Sorry to hear you had to sell off a couple of cars, hope you saved one to enjoy locally. If not, you're still welcome to join us at our many activities, and hopefully you'll add a new P car shortly. Keep an eye out here on the website as we post our 2017 schedule.

  3. website says:

    It’s a good idea to create the website with mobile friendly, all have mobile now

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